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I have been told a hundred times or more that I need to focus my attention on Lead Generation. My name is Glenn Hoepfl. I placed that image of myself on this blog not out of ego but because this is what the internet lifestyle looks like to me (not there yet…lol). I began my online marketing journey a couple of years ago. I have had some successes but up until this point the “Internet Lifestyle” has eluded me. I am coming to believe it is for two reasons this success has been elusive. I can sum my conclusions up very simply…

  1. No Mentor
  2. No List

So I have gotten myself a mentor and am going to do exactly what he tells me to do and I will publish my progress and results here. 

Lead Generation

While this blog will focus on becoming a lead generation specialist and as such, how to build your list…there is a ton of information that I will be utilizing and so I will publish all resources and systems I use. As time goes by I expect this blog will have all of the necessary tools and information to take you literally from Day 1 (complete newbie) to Lead Generation expert.

There is so much information out there on Internet Marketing. My goal is to show you from my own experience what works and what does not work. Nothing will be held back here so you will get to see the process, warts and all. I am certain I will make mistakes along the way. When I do I will let you know so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

To be honest I am not certain of the outcome but since having a mentor and building a list are about the only two things I have not tried I figure I have nothing to lose. If this works as I have been assured it will then we will all benefit and if not then at least I can not say I did not try. Fair enough?

So welcome and let’s get started…

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