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Obama Must Stop The Lies

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I don’t know about you but I am just about out of patience. Every time I turn on the TV I hear more and more of them and I wonder “Is America Paying Attention?” and if so why are American’s not outraged.

One of the things that truly amazes and frustrates me is that the “Progressives” or liberals or whatever you want to call them seem to understand that they are being lied to and just do not care.

Probably the biggest lie that is being shoved down our throats is this assertion that racism is running rampant in this country. To make this conclusion requires such a distortion of the facts that is defies sanity.

Please before the liberals get their panties in a bunch, understand I did not say that there are no racists in this country. There are. The problem is the distortion of the facts. The fact is there are more racists in the black community than there is in any other community in this country.

The liberals want you to believe it is because the “White” man has kept you down. That is not true. As a matter of fact the “Man” that has kept you down is the same man that is trying to destroy all freedom everywhere.

The narrative goes something like this. Because of all the unfairness in the system against blacks, because of all the bias against blacks and because the white man has had his foot on the necks of blacks that this is why we find ourselves in the situation we are in.

Here is the truth. If you know that to move ahead in life you need to have an education then educate yourself. Oh there goes that white guy again. He doesn’t get it and he’s racist. I can hear you all screaming that in outrage.

Here is the truth. If you met me you would think I was college educated. I am well spoken. I understand the issues and am capable of critical thinking. Not because I went to college, in fact I never even finished seventh grade, but because I took the initiative to learn I am able to take care of myself and my family and not make excuses for why things did not work out for me.

Hell, who do I get to blame if things don’t work out. The “White” man? I am white! The “Black” man? Now you will label me a racist. You people have got to cut this shit out! You are destroying this country.

This idea that racism was tearing apart this country seemed to really come to fruition when Ferguson happened. Problem is you were not told the truth.

Here is the truth. Micheal Brown was a thug and a punk. Witnesses (Black) testified that in fact he did not have his hands up saying “Don’t Shoot” and that he was trying to attack the cop that shot him. I am not sure what world you live in but in my world when a cop says don’t move or get down on the ground you get down on the ground.

The simple fact is you can not have it both ways. On the one hand you want to make the argument that the police are biased against black people. Yet you want to be able to disrespect the police and think this is going to work out well for you.

Here is a piece of advice. When the police say don’t move, Don’t Move! then perhaps you will not get shot!

Her is another piece of advise. Stop making excuses for why you do what you do. If you do not want to be shot by cops stop carrying guns and waving them around like you are in some action movie. The people in those movies don’t really die. You will!

Yes I am a pissed off white man and I will tell you why. Actually there are several reasons so let’s get started.

How would you feel if you were driving past the projects in East Harlem and as you are driving by you see Cadillac’s, BMW’s and Mercedes sitting in the parking lot. You might ask yourself how come the people that I am paying their rent for are driving nicer cars than I am? How is it that I have worked my entire adult life, pay my taxes, am not formally educated, and yet somehow have never taken a dime from the government in my entire life. And, by the way, where is my BMW.

These people pay no rent, no utilities, get food stamps and in some cases cash, WIC, Medicaid and on and on. Not to mention that many of these people are here illegally. Why on earth are we paying people to be here and stay here that should not even be here? Will one of you progressives please define the logic that dictates this is sane cause I don’t get it.

This is an example of one of the things we can not discuss or you get labeled a racist. This is not racism. This is about common sense. Oh and for all of you screaming that I am a racist, I am going to pull the “Race” card on you. I am married to a beautiful, intelligent, driven women and I am extremely proud of who she is and what she stands for. That is why I married her. She also happens to be an immigrant from Africa. Ivory Coast to be precise.

Let me give you a little inside baseball here…you think I am pissed? You should here what she has to say.

When we are walking together it is not unheard of for a black man to look at her, hell she’s gorgeous, I would look at her too but here is where it goes south. The Comment, what are you doing betraying your brothers by being with a white guy. Her response…You are not my brother and if you were I would tell you to pull up your pants cause you look ridiculous.

As a side observation, perhaps if you did pull up your pants you would be able to out run the cops…just thinking. Seriously though. Why should I or my wife have to look at your ass or your underwear? And please explain why I need to respect you when you do not even have enough respect for yourself as to cloth yourself properly.

You say this is cool and how we express ourselves. No problem with that. But…if you are going to separate yourself even in the way you dress do not be surprised when you are treated differently than everyone else.

See this is the problem and the trap. You can not have it both ways. You can not continue to take all the “Freebies” and still demand your Freedom!

You said you wanted equality. Really? Then from where I am standing, first of all, get a job. Pay taxes. Stop taking handouts. Stop carrying guns to shoot people when you are not getting your way. And most important stop believing the lie. You traded chains and whips for food stamps and free rent.

To be clear, I am not saying that people never need help. Everyone needs help at some point in their life but if you are going to make a living by stealing from government programs please do not bitch about your lack of freedom.

Stealing you say?…oh the outrage! Really? yes really. How about this as an example. Those same people that are taking the free rent then turn around and rent their free apartment on AirBandB for $100.00 plus dollars a day to tourists. Think I am lying? I can prove it and you know it is the truth!

If you want your freedom you have to earn it just like everyone else. And by the way the liberals are not just trying to enslave you. You were just the easiest target. Why? Well you keep hanging you hat on shit that happened 50-150 years ago. You are not victims anymore and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will begin to take responsibility for your situation and stop blaming others.

I voted for Obama too. Twice! Thinking he would bring us finally to a place where we were just American’s. Not African Americans, not Polish American’s, not Asian American’s, just American’s. But Obama did the same thing to black people that happened when slavery was brought to this country.

Most have the belief that the “White Man” went to Africa and put these people on slave ships and brought them to America. This much is true. What they do not tell you is that it was their own leaders that sold them into slavery in the first place. Don’t believe it? Go read your history books! And Mr Obama has done the same thing by continuing the lies of racial divisiveness.

I used to try and figure all of this out and finally realized I was positing from a false premise. My belief was that our leaders have the best of intentions for us and this country. I am now convinced I was wrong. Why? Simple. The only way any of what is going on in this country makes sense is if you go with the premise that our leaders are actually trying to destroy this country.

Why? you ask…again simple…they hate freedom. It is the one thing that stands in their way. Progressives want you to be slaves and not only you but all of us and freedom is the only thing that stands in the way of it. They truly believe that they are intellectually superior to all of us. They believe their plan for all of us is better than anything we could possibly come up with ourselves. This is the kind of arrogance that allows a person like Hillary Clinton to get away with crimes that would have you and I in jail until we were old and grey and yet for her, nothing. Not even a slap on the wrist.

This is an assault on freedom. You can not have freedom without the law applying equally to everyone. We need to stand up as a people, as American’s and most important we need to start telling the truth. Frankly, the truth is going to be a bit messy right now since we have been deluding our selves for so long.

The thing is with race relations is that it is only one of the ways our leaders are trying to divide us but it is critical that we get this right. We must start telling the truth. It is not white people killing black people. It is black people killing black people. Period! No excuses. If you want black people to stop getting killed by gun violence then stop shooting each other. And while you are at it stop shooting cops. They did not do this to you. You did it to yourselves by believing the lie and you still believe it.

Again an historical fact, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. A conservative Republican! It was not the democrats. As a matter of fact the democrats tried to keep slavery alive. Again if you don’t believe me read the history books. Black America has been voting for the wrong party for a very long time.

In your defense the democrats have an amazing line of bullshit but it is still bullshit. For those of you that believe the lie that you can not get a job because you are black. Well I could not get a decent job because I was not formally educated. So there! Guess what…I started my own business. I did not have a pot to piss in when I started but I have never needed to take a handout from anyone. In addition I guarantee you that you can find a job but you have to actually look for one.

Self Respect Is Not Free It Is Earned

But why do that when you can get more money just sitting on your ass and collecting from the government. I hear you but the answer is not to increase the minimum wage. More enforced handouts will not fix the problem. Yes in the beginning you will probably make less money than you can get from the government but you will gain something that no handout will ever give you and that is your self-respect.

When you regain your self-respect you will value your life accordingly. Maybe if you have value for your life you will value other lives just as much. It stands to reason.

Look around you with eyes open and tell me what you see. I will tell you what I see. What I see is a complete lack of respect for others in every way. Just try to merge onto a highway in traffic and see what happens. Ask someone not to text and drive…good god…not that…what is their response…usually you will get the finger. People in general have lost respect for themselves and so they are incapable of respecting others.

This has happened because the rule of law has been steadily eroded over the last 50 years at least. It also must be noted that it starts at the top and works its way down. The people at the top should be, if anything, more accountable not less but we all know that is not how it works in this country anymore.

Back in the early 1970′s then President Nixon was forced to resign because he tried to cover up spying that the republican party did at the democratic convention (Watergate). He actually was guilty of only one thing, he tried to cover it up and he was impeached as a result.

“Crooked” Hillary

Fast forward to present days. Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to the country, congress and everyone else about her handling of…geez…everything. She got caught by the FBI. Read the transcript from Director Comey. She got caught. Clearly Obama tried to cover it up as it was on his watch that all of these indiscretions occurred. What Happened? Nothing!

Again I ask you, where is the outrage. You want to riot in the streets? Okay then go protest the real offense. It is not cops killing black people. That is the lie told you by the people that want you distracted while they quietly disassemble democracy.

The simple fact is that white people are pissed and black people are pissed but nobody seems to be pissed at the thing they should be most pissed off about. Bottom line you are all pissed at the wrong people. The thing you should be most upset about is the corruption but you are not. You just yawn and go about your business as if nothing is wrong. White people take a Prozac and say it’s all good and black people shoot each other. Either way you are killing yourselves, whether it be with the drugs in your head telling you you’re okay or the bullet. Either way you lose and the corruption wins.

Most important is that either course diminishes the value of life and that is the goal of the freedom haters. They know that hopeless people are helpless people and like sheep will get led to the slaughter.

So the question is are you ready to take back your self-respect and your freedom or are you going to continue to make excuses for your lack of accountability.

What’s Wrong With AirBnB

airbnbAirBnB And How They Do Business

As a business my partner and I dealt with AirBnB for the first and the last time recently. To say the least our experience was shocking in its stupidity. The amazing thing is that the customer service rep I was dealing with was simply reciting corporate policy which begins to explain why business no longer works in this country. To fully explain what our experience was requires a little back story.

Our main business K and G LED books 250+ hotel rooms a year. Our expenses associated with this are roughly 20 to 25 thousand dollars per year. Now I am not claiming that we have a huge travel budget but for a small business this is quite a bit of money.

AirBnB on CNBC

A couple of weeks ago I saw an interview with senior management of AirBnB on CNBC. In the interview this gentleman expressed his desire to expand their market by trying to develop the corporate travel side of their business. To me that sounded like a great idea as it is steady and reliable business.

The question was asked, how do you protect people from the dishonest renter’s who show pictures of one thing but deliver something entirely different?

The answer was that they stand behind their product and protect their customers by insuring that if the stated product is not delivered then they will refund your money. That is the “Big Print” and as we all know what the “Big Print” giveth the fine print taketh away!


Meanwhile I was spending 8 days in New York City and rather than go through the expense of a hotel and dining out every day I decided I would try booking a short stay with AirBnB. I was looking forward to cooking in my apartment and eating steak every night…lol. Not so much!

And Now For The Rest Of The Story

So we roll up to the address given to us and to say the least we are underwhelmed at best. To be blunt the building we were directed to was a building owned by the “New York City Housing Authority”. Not only was it owned by the New York City Housing Authority but it is widely known as a high rise crack house.

Immediately we called AirBnB and their response was the usual corporate BS. They apparently are only responsible for the pictures being accurate. They take no responsibility as to whether the Lessor lied. They check nothing! They warranty nothing! Then when you ask for your money back they start making excuses and start telling you about their guidelines.

The fact that the person who listed with their site lied does not even come into discussion. They do not care. They literally made me beg for my money back and still would only refund less than 50 percent.

Finally I had to call the person advertising the place for rent and told him that it is illegal to rent for sublet section 8 housing and if he did not refund our money we would call the housing authority and report him.

Mind you we also stated this fact to AirBnB and their response was it was not their problem.

The bottom line is I could have done the same thing on Craigs List and gotten the same results for free and not paid AirBnB’s fee for booking.

In my opinion there is no reason for this company to exist. They back nothing up and just collect money. Most people would just walk away and that is why they get away with this behavior. I do not but the time I wasted can not be replaced which is why I will sue them and I will win. Hopefully it becomes a class action where all of the people screwed by this company come together. For me it is not even about the money. It is about the misrepresentation.

This addresses a bigger problem with US business, actually not just US business but business in general. Nobody seems to want to be accountable for anything. Yes they want to collect the money but as far as being responsible for the promises they make…well that just does not happen.

The real kicker though is that they were willing to sacrifice a substantial account for a thousand bucks. Really? You make me beg for a refund on a property that is being illegally rented and then do not even give me half my money back and then to get the rest I have to deal with the same person that lied in the first place?

Personally I just do not get it. I know this is the way things are.but it just does not work. Does the whole thing have to crash down before the “College Edumicated” figure it out? When are the idiots from business school going to realize that the way they do business doesn’t work long term? Yes in the minute it works fine but when people figure out that you are screwing them they stop buying your product.

Please start thinking longer than 2 minutes in front of you. A responsible person and society does not just think of themselves but also considers what there actions will do to effect the future.

Is this too much to ask? Haven’t we destroyed enough to wake up? Does what you say have any bearing on how you feel about yourself? Does what you deliver tell more about who you are than what you say?

If you wonder why you have to take pills every day to get out of bed you might want to start asking these questions.





President Obama Using The “N” Word

President Obama and PC

President Obama

President Obama exiting Air Force One in San Francisco on Friday. The comedian Marc Maron interviewed the president for an episode of his podcast that was released on Monday. Credit Zach Gibson/The New York Times

Recently we saw the tragedy that occurred in South Carolina. Now to be completely frank I do not understand what makes a person think this kind of behavior is in any way justifiable. I realize the “Head Shrinker’s” will give you all kinds of psyche reasons for this but that is a topic for another day.

What has me miffed is the statement that President Obama made after this event took place. I am referring specifically to the comment he made regarding racism. He said that “just because people have stopped saying Nigger does not mean that racism is gone from this country. He is right…but was only partially honest.

Has The African American Community Stopped Using The “N” Word?

Anybody who has spent any time in an ethnic neighborhood knows the answer to that question. For those of you who live in a bubble the answer is no.

Just spend an hour there and you will hear it all over the place. Things like “Hey Nigger”…”Hey my Nigger”, “What’s up Nigger”, and on and on it goes. This is the truth and I am sorry if it pisses the PC crowd off but someone needs to start telling the truth.

I know because I lived there. I spent almost two years in East Harlem. This neighborhood is predominantly Latino and Black. In this neighborhood you do not hear the Latino’s greeting each other by saying “Hey what’s up Spic…etc…

Here is a news flash…If you want people to start treating you with respect then start treating yourselves with some. Dark-skinned people…actually let me amend…African American people continually disrespect each other with their language towards each other and then wonder why they get no respect. Yet somehow because I am a white male I am racist to point this out and frankly this is a bullshit cop out for people that do not want to take responsibility.

Let me give you some more background. My fiance is from Ivory Coast in West Africa and the way African Americans treat each other and speak to each other is a complete embarrassment to her, to the point when you say “You’re my sister” she makes it clear she is not! Most people from Africa feel this way.

You Will Not Get Respect Until You First Have Self-Respect

This goes for all people, white, black, olive or whatever your skin color. This is what seems to be the problem with society. Trust me on this. Just try being a long-haired white boy driving a sports car and see what the cops do to you…lol. Again I know because that was me twenty or so years ago.

The reason people are the way they are is not because of your skin color. The reason people act the way they do is because they have no self-respect. Are you listening Mr. President? This includes you.

The President Has No Self-Respect?

By now you probably think I am crazy. That’s okay. I am not writing this for your approval. I am writing this because it needs to be said out loud.

Mr. President I voted for you because you promised to change things and make politics more honest and not fall prey to special interests and then what did you do…well…exactly all of those things. How could you have any self-respect?

Mr President, I remember a day when it would never occur to anyone to refer to the President of the United States without even the courtesy of putting a Mister in front of it. Have you ever even called anyone out on even that? NO!

You are the leader of the supposed free world or at least what is left of it and you don’t even have the balls to chastise someone for having basic courtesy. I can tell you this…if my child ever met you and addressed you as “Obama” I would be shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and more. He would also get such a dressing down that such rude behavior would never happen again in his life.

As the leader of the “Free World” you have a unique opportunity to reach people in a way that no other has. This comes with great responsibility to teach and teach you have. Problem is the things you have taught.

I am not saying that racism does not exist in this country or for that matter the world. Hell just look at the Chinese and the Japanese. They make race relations in this country look like a walk in the park. I also know of this. I dated a Japanese girl for quite some time…just talk of the Chinese and she would practically spit on you. The same applies in reverse.

What I am saying is that we, as a society, need to begin to speak the truth and stop lying to ourselves and everyone else.

In closing…Mr President, You are the leader of the free world. It is up to you to lead. Rather than worrying about your legacy with healthcare worry more about the message you are sending to the people you are leading. I understand it is not just your responsibility but your part is all you need to worry about. It is the only part you can fix.

Here is the Podcast interview republished from YouTube.

FlareCopter | Getting On A Different Path | Home Based Biz Ops

home based biz opsHome Based Biz Ops | FlareCopter

It seems Home Based Biz Ops are a dime a dozen and quite frankly many of them suck. There has bee a lot of trial and error for me as a home based business entrepreneur.

As I start to write this I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted on this site and much has changed so allow me to bring you up to date.

First of all when I started with FlareCopter I was located in New York City. I and my partner now reside in Florida. We came here for the winter and it was just so beautiful we decided to stay. In the process of this geographical change much has changed with our business model. While much has changed one thing has remained constant and that is the cash flow provided by FlareCopter.

Cash Flow Is Necessary For Your Home Based Business

Many people start their home based business with a few misconceptions. Maybe the biggest is buying into the lie that is told by almost every marketer on the planet which is “This won’t cost you a thing or much”.

That is a flat out lie. I am not sure where people got the idea and began to believe the idea that there is a free lunch but it is not true. Perhaps it is from years of watching our government do exactly that, putting in no effort and getting rewarded for it, but we don’t own our own printing press and the political side of that is for another day. Suffice it to say that mere mortals actually must put forth effort and their own money to get results.

If you are not willing to engage your time, effort and money in this then don’t even get started or you will lose much of each.

Having said that there are ways to maximize all of the above and FlareCopter is one of those ways. I am not saying it is the only way but it is the way that is working for me. Allow me to explain and give a few examples.

Things You Need To Possess To Start Home Based Biz Ops

The first thing you need is desire and it must be unquenchable. If you think you are going to give half an effort and get a full result then you are kidding yourself and yet I see this all the time.

It comes in the form of believing the mopes selling the systems that tell you all you have to do is push this “Magic Button” and riches will be yours. You must get this idea out of your head. If it were that simple then everyone would work for themselves.

So assuming you have the desire the next thing you need is time. This may be the most crucial element. Given enough time you will succeed no matter how many mistakes you make.Ever heard the saying “Even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts every now and then?” Given time your efforts will pay off. Period!

The problem is that most of us have a shortage of time already. What with working to just do life and pay the bills that takes at least 40 hours not including travel time. So you are left with putting in a 12-15 hour day and sometimes more or finding a way to make more money in less time which is why most of us want to try home based biz ops in the first place.

This is where FlareCopter comes in to the picture for me. It allows me to work 2-3 hours per day, 5 or 6 days a week and replace the income I used to make working 60-70 hours a week. In fact it has not only replaced that income but exceeded it.

While the income is awesome the real reward is the time it frees up for me to pursue my longer term goals. To recap those goals are as follows:

  • Build a list of like minded people to network with
  • Rank my websites to build passive income
  • Partner with like minded people in various business opportunities
  • Do all of this with the goal of decreasing my time spent working as time goes on

Imagine if you could take your 40 hour work week and compress it into a 10-15 hour week and make the same money you were making before? This takes the pressure off you when starting a home based business which brings me to the  next thing you must possess and that is effort.

Realistically how much effort can you bring to home based biz ops if you are already working a 40+ hour work week?

Maybe you can put another 20 hours in a week to build your opportunity but for how long before you explode or your family does? This is the main reason most people fail. It is not for lack of desire. It is because you just do not have the time. Time is not something we are going to get more of so we have to be smarter about how we use our time. We must maximize the amount of time we have. This is where ROI (Return On Investment) comes in.

If I can go sell FlareCopters and work 3 hours a day and make $300.00, and I do regularly, then that leaves me another 5 hours to focus my desire on home based biz ops. But if I am already working an 8 hour day I need to work a 13 hour day to get the same results.

How long can you work 13 hours a day before you explode?

This truly is the reason most people fail. But something that also contributes to the failure is the by-product of this which is fear. See it is a catch 22. Let’s say you cut back your hours at your current J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)…well…you are gonna make less money and that leaves you less money to put at risk. Fear of failing will cause you to not try the things you need to because you are just not sure and you can not afford to be wrong or the bills don’t get paid. This is a very real fear, a valid fear and quite simply reality.

It is actually an advantage when you are starting and have nothing to lose but most of us are not in that position. Most of us do have something to lose and other people counting on us and our ability to provide.

This is the thing most leader’s in the Home Based Business market fail to acknowledge. To them it is some sort of weakness to deal with the reality of having to pay your mortgage. Their attitude is just don’t let anything stop you. For some that may work but for most it is just not an option.

This brings me to the third thing you need and that is quite simply money. This idea that you can start a business for $50.00 and never spend a dime to grow it is absolute rubbish and this idea needs to be abolished. It is not fair to the Home Based Biz Ops reputation and not fair to people trying to start their own home based business. So I will say it out loud and if you want to click off this website to find someone that will blow sunshine up your ass then so be it.

It is going to take an investment of real cash to grow your business!

The Truth About Home Based Biz Ops

Here is an example of dishonest marketing:

Empower Network tells you that for $25.00 you can start your own home based business. Maybe you can to get their up front initial fee paid. What they forget to tell you is that to completely follow their plan will cost you thousands of dollars in upgrades and their whole program is based on paid advertising. Obviously paid advertising is not free.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is a bad program. I am saying it does not cost only $25.00 and in fact costs much more if you want to be successful.

So as not to single out Empower Network I will give you another example. There is another company out there advertising a 21-Step System and supposedly you can start for Free. Of course only after you pay the $49.00 application fee. They guarantee that if you do not make a profit with-in 30 days they will pay you $500.00. Sounds pretty good right? Problem is that Step-6 in their 21-Step System calls for you to invest another $1000.00+ for additional material and without it you can not complete the rest of the steps. In my opinion this is one of the most scandalous frauds I have see but apparently none of this is illegal because it happens all the time.

The main point is that it takes money to make money and if you believe otherwise you will fall victim to many of these “Businesses”. Another point is that these marketer’s would not sell their wares in that fashion if they did not know that people believed it. So take off the blind fold and deal with reality. If you want to make money you are going to have to spend some.

FlareCopter has solved the 3 main problems I was faced with Time, Effort and Money. I am not saying it is the only way to go but I am saying it has worked for me. If you want to learn more you can email me at glenn@flarecopter.com and I will be happy to speak with you.

To Your Success,

Curtis Group Inc / Home Based Biz Ops


FlareCopter Kills it at San Gennaro Feast

FlareCopter at the Feast

FlareCopterSo can I tell you it was crazy money with FlareCopter leading the charge…lol. It took about an hour to figure out where we would be but after that it was a money machine. First night at The San Gennaro Feast and we did just a hair under a thousand bucks. Btw…this was in under 3 hours.

I gotta be honest if it was not for the fun people have playing with FlareCopter I might feel a little guilty. Because of the smiles it makes it okay to take their money. Seriously you shoot this thing in the air and kids, adults it does not matter come running and then you are just exchanging money for FlareCopters.

Changing Lives With FlareCopter

Amazingly this is not the coolest part. The coolest part is that we are actually changing people’s lives and their living standard through this simple LED Toy. I truly mean that.

I had the epiphany today…I think it had been coming for a minute…that I was finally achieving my dream. Let me go into a little history. I did not always lead well. I had leadership skills but I did not always manifest them in a positive way. That is to say that when I was younger I was not the man I am now. I see things differently.

Today I realized that I am achieving a dream that had been un-uttered. I, for many years, have had no other real desire than to make amends for bad choices in the past. In essence I wanted to bring something of value to the people I came in contact with and finally through FlareCopter I am able to have a vital impact on people’s lives for the better.

I literally see people every day that are making 3-5 hundred dollars a day and more and by grace I am the guy that gets to show this to people. You wanna talk about cool…that is cool. I don’t deserve it for my deeds but I will honor it because I get it now.

I was talking to one of our new guys today and he just gets it. FlareCopter is going to make millions of dollars. It may be the new Slinky or Frisbee. If it is…look out. But really that is not the blessing. While there is a ton of money to be made the real blessing is that what has become my life’s dream, to help others, is manifesting before my very eyes.

There are going to be millionaires made from this, of that I am certain. I don’t know how many but I know it will be more than a few. The question is will you be a part of it? Odds are, probably not but you never know. If you want to see how I make three grand a week then go to http://flare-copter.org

This is for real you guys. You do not sell FlareCopter. You learn how to shoot it really high and FlareCopter does the rest of the work for you. Seriously if you want to make some CHING check it out.

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Ad Media Profit Review – Update

Ad Media Profit Review

Sorry Folks, I may have laid an egg on this one. I am recommending to my team to hold off on any more funding of this program until they get a few things ironed out. Please understand I am not saying this won’t work out, I am only saying for now let’s use some caution. Sometimes these short-term programs blow up out of the gate but when they go good they go very good indeed.

As an example, about 18 months ago I pulled 18K out of a program I had a little over 2K in placements. That is not the only time. I also in the last year pulled almost 9K out of a program I put a little over 500 dollars into. Collectively I have earned way more than I have lost.

The thing to remember with companies like Ad Media Profit and for that matter Ad Click Express, another revenue share program we like, is that they can be very volatile and you have to spread yourself out if you are going to play this game. A few of them will work and work big but several are going to blow up in your face. That is why you buy a few of these and spread your risk.

Having said all that, I am not walking away from Ad Media Profit, I am just suggesting caution. Back to my story of how I pulled 18K out of one opportunity. Since then this opportunity looked like it was going to die an ugly death and yet now it looks like it may be coming back for another run and yes I am building a new position so if it pays off again it will add to my profits.

So for now just hang tight with this and in the meantime continue to spread your risk. That is the key to having success with the short term stuff. Hope this update helps.


Flare Copter – Generating Cash Flow

Flare Copter For Cash Flow

Flare CopterIf you had told me 30 days ago that I would have made a profit of…I don’t know…at least 5 thousand dollars selling a novelty toy called Flare Copter I would have laughed at you and yet that is exactly what has happened. Oh and if you think I worked hard for it you would be very mistaken. Today I am going to show you exactly what I am doing to generate this money and just how easy it is.

For a minute I am going to digress and give you a little back story. About a month and a half ago now my friend came to me with this, what I thought, ridiculous idea. I indulged him because he sent me 100 pieces of this product for Free. Told me to pay for them after I sold them. I think…pretty bold statement. But this guy is not only a business associate but a friend and so I say why not?

To be honest I had no idea this was coming. I was on the ropes, waiting tables in a restaurant and wondering how the pieces were going to come together. Mind you, I knew they would but was secure in the idea that this might take a minute to get back on top…lol. And then came along Flare Copter. To say this is a game changer would be an understatement.

Seriously not everyone could do this. Actually anyone could do this but many will think they can’t. They are wrong. Essentially I go out most nights for 2-3 hours and play with an LED Toy called Flare Copter. It is amazingly cool and fun to play with and I make much more money playing than I ever made working.

I don’t sell Flare Copter. I demonstrate it! That is all I do. When I shoot it into the air people are amazed. I mean it shoots 100-150 feet into the air like a rocket and then floats back down to the ground like a parachute, all the while lit up like fireworks. It is totally cool. Based on sales volume I am not the only one that thinks so.

Does Flare Copter Have Staying Power?

Listen I know you have heard it a thousand times before but if you really want some freedom to build your home based business then you are going to have to find a way to replace your income without having a full time job. The thing is that I am finding is that Flare Copter is not just a cash flow generator but is in fact a monster on the verge of going viral. In the first 30 days my partner and I generated over 5K in profits each and this month we expect to bank over 20K each. That is phenomenal growth. Frankly, at least for now, there is no end in site.

If you decide to develop a Flare Copter distributorship there are several things to consider.

  • The Margins are huge on Flare Copter

Once you are buying in large quantities your cost drop all the way under $2.00 per 3 pack. You can sell each 3 pack for $10.00. That’s better than a 500% mark up. This leaves you many options including developing your own distributorship and having other sellers under you.

To give you the idea of how powerful that is I want to give you a real life example. As my partner and I have been out demonstrating Flare Copter we have engaged many people who have shown an interest in demonstrating Flare Copter themselves. Those people already account for about $600.00 in profit to me and my partner each for just being a conduit. You can do this too. That is how large the margins are.

What started out as a way to generate cash flow is quickly turning into an opportunity to hit a home run. This toy has the potential to have longevity and to saturate the market would be impossible as there will always be more kids and the product itself will not last forever and so there will be repurchases.

  • You are In At The Start for Flare Copter

It’s kind of funny. Flare Copter is in many places around the world but for some reason just made it to the US in the last couple of years. Thing is nobody has really taken advantage of it yet. Frankly that is surprising. When you see the response you get from people it seems like this would have taken the US market by storm but no one has really, as of yet, capitalized on this. Sometimes the simplest ideas are overlooked and the idea of Flare Copter is simple. It is flat out fun to play with and I don’t care how old you are.

If the response in NYC is anything like the response you will see then this thing is going to go viral and when it does look out. Imagine being in front of that. The money to be made is enormous. We are not talking thousands we are talking at least hundreds of thousands if not millions.

I know I can’t sell you on this and I won’t but I will tell you if this kind of thing is for you…don’t miss this. There is a ton of money to be made.

To view our ECommerce Site and review whole pricing Click Here

Why a Home Based Business

Web HostingSo Why would I want to own a home based business? Well how about this…Freedom! I realized as I was faced with a conflict in my business that the real reason I work for myself is not even the money…it is more about the freedom to work when I want, where I want and how I want. I realized that no one has the right to tell me when I can, can not, should or should not make money. I actually realized this when I made a recent decision to take on a partner. This was not the smartest move I have ever made. Thing is I have made this same mistake before. For some this may work but if you are like me the reason you want to work for yourself is so no one can tell you what you have to do that day. You are the Boss!

Why Do You Want A Home Based Business?

Are you like me or do you just need more freedom with your time. Do you have family things that you have to miss because of work that you wish you did not have to? Is it a nice family vacation? A summer home? The internet lifestyle looks a little different to all of us but the one thing I think we all have in common is this drive for independence. We don’t like other people telling us what to do. Nor should we. Frankly most people can not even manage their own lives and I certainly don’t want them to have any control over the management of my life. Make no mistake, when someone else controls the purse strings they control you.

Personally I think the thing that separates the entrepreneur from others is their need to work outside of the box and the corporate scene just does not allow this to happen. If you are like me you can’t work for other people…oh you can fake it for awhile when necessary but never for long and never with any great success. This is not because their is something wrong with you it is exactly the opposite. Problem is you have been told your whole life to conform. But to what? Mediocrity?

You will become what you think about most

For better or worse that is the truth. The entrepreneur understands this completely through either an innate understanding or through learning the hard way. Either way you learn. If you head is full of negative thinking do not expect good things to happen. You will ultimately manifest what you think about most. If it is negative then so will be the outcomes. That is not to say that if you have a positive attitude that nothing bad will ever happen but when it does you will respond with an attitude that enables you to learn. If you are negative all you do is blame others for why things are not working in your life.

Why a Home Based Business?

Well for me it is a truth serum. At the end of the day whether I succeed or fail has nothing to do with any one else but me. That is good news and bad. The good news is I have all the power and the bad news is I have all the power. I can not blame any one for my success or failure but myself. That is a tremendous responsibility. To tell you the truth sometimes it scares the shit out of me. But this is what I do.

I have tried working for other people and I can even hold a job if I need to but to be honest I would rather walk on glass on my lips for a mile up hill than have a J.O.B.

A friend of mine has as his moniker “Profits are better than wages” I like that. It embodies the American Dream and everything the home based business person stands for.

To me that means producing a product that has value in the marketplace and then allowing the market to determine that value. If you have brought quality to the table then hopefully that will be rewarded. For the entrepreneur though the reward already came with the effort. If the money comes it is just further satisfaction.

That is the thing I believe most do not understand about the small business owner. While I am in it to make money that is actually the last reason I do what I do. The first reason is to honor myself, the second is to honor my family, the third reason is to honor my time and the last reason is the money.

Time and Money – Home Based Business Tips

Again you may have an entirely different list of reasons for why you want to own a home based business but I would guess that the last thing you are actually thinking about is how much money you will make and more time is spent thinking about what you can do with your new found time.

I encourage you to take some of that time and reward yourself for your efforts, even if they do not pay off as you had hoped. Do not diminish the value of the effort just because you did not get the result you hoped for. There is value in your effort and sooner or later it will pay off.

Just don’t give up…you know sooner or later you will get what you want if you just don’t give up!

To your success and to be continued…


The Entrepreneurial Way – Home Based Business

Cash Flow So as we mentioned in the last article cash flow is critical to your success while building your home based business. The thing is sometimes the thing you think is going to just generate “cash flow” turns out to be something much bigger.

This brings me to the topic of discussion I want to have today and that is about one of the greatest skills the entrepreneur possesses and that is the ability to think quick, move on your feet and make things happen. The most vital skill of the entrepreneur is to be able to think on their feet and turn on a dime when necessary. Sometimes opportunities come up at the worst moment, or so it seems, but as it will often turn out this was the thing that became the Cornerstone of your success. I have recently come right up against this and it has caused me to have to move quickly, be creative and make some personal sacrifices and take more than a few chances but the payoff will be huge. My partner and I have already made way more than we invested.

Go Big or Go Home – Home Based Business

As you are all aware my main goal is to build my online presence and generate residual income by building a team of like minded people and a strong subscriber base that would all push towards the same goal at the same time. This remains my main focus but for a minute I have to move in another direction to, in the longer term, facilitate the growth of my long term projects.

So the other day I was talking about the importance of being able to generate cash flow to build your business without taking so much time to do it that you have no time left to build your actual business. Some would call it luck that I have found a simple solution to this challenge. I do not call it luck. A specific series of events occurred but they only occurred because I allowed myself the chance to make the connections necessary for this “lucky” thing to happen.

To recap, in my last post, I was talking about this idea that a good friend of mine gave me to make some cash to develop my business. He told me it would not take a ton of time and he was right. He also told me that it would replace the income I was making with half the work and he was right about that too. To tell you the truth he way understated the income potential of what he showed me. Honestly though this is not the point of this post. If you want to read that post you can find it Here

Having The Entrepreneurial Mindset

So this great opportunity comes up but I literally have to put the brakes on everything else to get it all organized set up so it can grow and grow it will. This thing that was just going to generate some quick cash flow made me a few thousand dollars already and I am only three weeks into it. I think that kind of result deserves some extra attention for a minute while I build it and then I can refocus back on the longer term projects.

The beauty of this is that these longer term projects are exactly that…longer term! I love MCA (Motor Club of America) and Get Weekly Paychecks and I will continue to grow these businesses on a consistent basis. In addition there are also a couple of other opportunities we recently have started to get involved with that I will be posting on our Biz Ops Page. None of that changes the fact that at this exact moment in time to reap the full benefit of this opportunity full energy will be required for a couple of months.

The beauty of it is that full attention in this instance means somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 hours a week. That leaves me a significant portion of time left to devote to my longer term goals. The thing is though is that you have to be quick on your feet.

You have got to be able to recognize the opportunity when it arises and when it does you must take action…even if you can not afford too. You must because that is what the entrepreneur does. Essentially if you are an entrepreneur then you know no other way to be.

To your continued success…



Home Based Business Funding

Home Based Business Cash Flow

Home Based Business

The message of this article is that you will need cash flow for your home based business. It also needs to be a source of cash flow that does not take up so much of your time that you have none left over to build your business. This is going to take time and money. The Guru’s would have you believe otherwise. They would have you think that your mouse is attached to money and all you have to do is buy their $47.00 software which then turns out to be more like $200.00 with all the upgrades…”If you really want to be Successful”…lol…and then of course all you do is push the “Magic Button” and the money flies right out of your computer screen. I actually have an image of that somewhere in my computer.

So anyway that is not how it works. Building your home based business requires the same commitment to its growth that its offline counterpart needs. As I have mentioned before this is something that for some reason eluded my for quite some time. The problem is that building your business takes cash and oftentimes the necessary commitment to generating cash flow leaves you no time.

Let me give you a personal example. As I have mentioned before I really took a crash and burn over the last 12 months and had to rely on a job to pay my bills and not even all of them. So here I am working 50-60 hours a week at a job waiting tables and that left me little time to develop my business. Make no mistake I was still going to do it but it was going to take significantly longer unless I could devote more time to develop my home based business.

So to make a long story short, the other day I was talking with one of my long time associates and friend out in California. In the course of the conversation he asked me what I was doing to generate cash flow while I was building my business. I told him. He asked how much money I was making…I told him. Then he asked me if I would be interested in making a couple of hundred dollars a day for a few hours of work. Now understand I have known Greg for a few years and we have done business together and I really have a tremendous amount of respect for him and his wife so I paid attention.

My first thought when he told me what he was doing was that it could not be this simple. In reality I have come to find out that it is really that simple…lol.

I have a product that no one else has and I don’t even have to sell it. I literally get to play like a kid and get paid for it. When I say get paid I am not talking about ten bucks an hour paid. I am talking about 35-50 dollars per hour and that is when it is slow. Because of this increased cash flow I can replace my income and work about 15 hours a week instead of 45-50 hours per week and all of that extra time can now be devoted to my home based business, plus I have my freedom back to determine when, where and how often I work.

Cash Flow Needs For Your Home Based Business

So what is it that we need cash flow for? Well advertising of all sorts but advertising comes in many forms with many payment options and prices. There are many free options for advertising and they work but take time to set up. Realizing that your time is worth money even these are not free. Speaking specifically to paid options though there are still many to look at and frankly as you are learning you may lose some money.

Here is a short list of a few of your options for Paid Advertising

  • CPC
  • PPC
  • CPM
  • Solo Email Ads
  • AdWords
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Safelists
  • Traffic Exchanges (Premium Memberships) – Also have free options in exchange for viewing sites
  • Forum Advertising

In addition to that there are other costs involved with building your home based business such as the cost of the various programs you are trying to build. I have found that because of money constraints that many times I have left the party too soon and missed a great opportunity just because I was not generating enough money soon enough to cover my costs. Let’s face it and realize that in the beginning this is going to cost some money to maintain. Below is another short list of business expenses you will have on an on-going basis.

Other Home Based Business Expenses

  • Web Hosting
  • Purchasing Domains
  • Autoresponder
  • High Speed Internet
  • Office Expenses (Printer Ink, Paper etc…)
  • Educational Material

This is to name just a few additional expenses of running your home based business. I am not telling you this to scare you in any way but you have to understand that the same rule applies to your online business as would to an offline business, ie: if no one knows your pizza shop exists then you are not going to sell many pizza’s no matter how good it is.

So anyway the bottom line is you need cash flow for your home based business but you also need to be able to accomplish that in the shortest time possible so you have time left over to build your home based business. I think I have found an easy way to do just that. Having said that I am not going to go into a ton of detail on this post. If you want to know more then fill in the contact form and I will get back to you with the details.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

To Your Continued Success,